Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Promotes deep & restful sleep
  • Calming & grounding
  • Anti spasmodic to promote easy breathing
  • Ideal for skin and hair health


Cedarwood Essential Oil is derived from the leaves, bark, needles and berries of the cedar tree and has a luxurious rich, warm, woody scent. Cedarwood oil is naturally antiseptic and inflammatory and has excellent wound healing qualities.

Emotionally, cedarwood is is emotionally stabilising and grounding and is a favourite for meditation an spiritual practices. When used topically it can evoke feelings of vitality and wellness. Use with Lavender oil for the perfect restful sleep recipe.

Aroma: warm, woody.

Uses: Add a few drops to a diffuser or oil burner to ground and stalilise your emotions, add 2 drops of lavender oil approx 1 hour before bedtime to promote deep and restful sleep, add 3 drops cedarwood oil to 10ml carrier oil for a wonderfully warming massage to relax and soothe muscles and your mind, add 2 drops to 10ml jojoba oil and massage into your scalp for a nourishing healthy hair treatment, leave in for 30 minutes and shampoo out, blend with Citronella oil for a powerful insect repellant.

Blends With: Lavender, Frankincense, Rosemary, Juniper, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Cypress, Neroli, Jasmine, Cinnamon.

Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Promotes restful sleep, inhaling can help trigger serotonin (happy hormone), which converts into melatonin (sleep hormone)
  • Calming and grounding due to it’s active compounds, sesquiterpenes
  • Naturally anti spasmodic an can help promote easy breathing
  • An excellent treatment to promote scalp and hair health
  • Antimicrobial and can help treat acne
  • Anti inflammatory and can soothe acne, eczema and irritated skin
  • Add to Citronella for repelling insects.

Essential Oil Features

  • Steam distillation extraction
  • No additives, solvents or chemicals used in recovery process.
  • 100% pure essential oil.
  • Comes in amber glass bottle
  • Base note
  • Aroma group is woody.


  • Do¬† not use undiluted
  • Do not use on broken skin, eyes or mucus membranes
  • Do not use internally
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Avoid using if you suffer from diabetes.

We advise that before using, you perform a small patch test on your inner forearm or back. Apply a small quantity of diluted essential oil and cover with a bandage. If you experience any irritation use carrier oil or cream to further dilute the essential oil, and then wash with soap and water. If no irritation occurs after 48 hours it is safe to use on your skin.

This information is not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions or diseases and is for educational purposes only.

Product Size

100ml bottle, 10ml bottle, 30ml bottle

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