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“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy” –   Bella Bleue

Homeostasis in Health

Holistic Health is a state of balance between mind, body, spirit and soul, the conscious and unconscious in equilibrium.

Dis-ease within comes from our separation from nature, the nature around us and our own nature within. Our split from self results from disharmony, which can lead to dis-ease. We are part of the ecology of this beautiful planet and she provides everything we need for perfect health.

Welcome, I am Geraldine Fay, founder of The Health Collection and this is my story of how the Collection came into being.

Lic. TCM, Chinese Patent Herbs, Food As Medicine, CIBTAC Beauty Therapy, Swedish massage, Reflexology

During my life I have lived in many places and had many occupations, but in the end I have come back to what I love, holistic health, in all its many forms. 

At it’s core, holistic health practice shows us that we are surrounded by everything we need for our full health and wellbeing. 

But the most important, the most essential thing we need is already within us – ourselves. Ourselves, unfiltered and fully accepting of who and what we are. We are all we need for our perfect health. The Health Collection

On a more literal note, my qualifications in various holistic fields have given me a very wide foundation to work from. To allow me to see what we, as human beings, need for health, what we lack and how to fill that lack. A wide variety of good nutritious food is the basis for health and this is the starting point from which I work. Sometimes (most times) our bodies don’t get everything they need to function perfectly. Our food system no longer serves our bodies, it has become polluted with chemicals, pesticides and glyphosates. The more of these toxins we consume, the more sick our body, mind and spirit become.

My first, and most important advice to anyone, is to avoid these toxins, to go organic as much as possible, avoid processed foods and aim to eat whole foods. Add to that the natural supplements you need to fill in any nutritional gaps and you have a winning formula going into your future.

 “I love this world because it is imperfect. It is imperfect, and that’s why it is growing; if it was perfect it would have been dead. Growth is possible only if there is imperfection. I would like you to remember again and again, I am imperfect, the whole universe is imperfect, and to love this imperfection, to rejoice in this imperfection is my whole message.” ― Osho.

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About The Health Collection UK

As one of the top online nutritional supplements and vitamins shops in the United Kingdom we at The Health Collection are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. Based in Newry, Co. Down, we stock premium British made vitamins, minerals, health supplements, sports nutrition, herbal remedies, natural beauty products, aromatherapy, muscle rubs and creams and protein powders. But we are so much more!

We believe that everyone is deserving of optimal health and wellbeing and this ethos is reflected in our health product range and our Health Hub info portal. Whether you are a health enthusiast, a lover of holistic or spiritual health or are seeking to fill a nutritional gap, we will hep you keep your health moving forward.

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