Vitamin Gummies

Vitamin gummies are a great way to take vitamins and health supplements especially apple cider vinegar gummies, vitamin C gummies, vitamin D gummies and multi vitamin gummies

What Are Gummie Vitamins?

We’ve all heard about gummy vitamins. So what exactly are vitamin gummies and what are they goo for? Do they work? Why would you want to buy them?

A vitamin gummy is basically little jelly sweets with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients and are an amazing way to get your daily boost of vitamins. We stock adult gummy vitamins, children’s gummy vitamins, Vitamin C gummies, Vitamin D gummies, prenatal gummies (folic acid), collagen gummies, ginger and turmeric gummies and multi vitamin gummies.

Gummies taste great, are easy to chew (especially for those who dislike swallowing tablets or capsules) and don’t need water to be swallowed. Winners all the way! And because gummies taste great, it is very easy to remember to take your daily supplements. In fact you will be looking forward to taking them, they are like a little treat you give to yourself.

Our gummies contain natural fruit flavourings and have a subtle and appealing taste, with none of the horrible aftertaste some vitamins or supplements have e.g. Vitamin B, Fish Oils or Zinc. Nor do our gummies have a strong odour, in fact they smell pretty amazing. Never have vitamins tasted or smelled soooo good!

Are Gummies As Good As Capsules?

The most common question we are asked is “Are gummies as effective as tablets?” They answer is yes, they have the same absorbency rate and effectivness as standard nutritional capsules or tablets. Your stomach does a very good job of breaking down and digesting anything that goes into it and gummies are no exception. The average gummy is broken down within 30-45 minutes and is on its way into your bloodstream very quickly after, ready to do it’s job.

Gummy Vitamins For Children

Designed with growing little ones in mind, our children’s gummy vitamin range is the perfect way to ensure your child has all the everyday nutrients they need. Our vitamin and mineral gummies for kids taste great and provide a full range of essential nutrients for normal development as well as vital minerals iodine and zinc.

Our Good Gut Bacteria Probiotic gummy supplement for children is naturally delicious and vegan friendly as well as being free from gluten, dairy, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives and GMOs. This friendly bacteria gummy supplement is formulated for children from age 3 and up. Containing Vitamins B and C plus live culture of Bifidobacterium InfantisLactobacillus Casei and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, all of which are ideal for growing gut microbiomes.

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