Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies and herbal medicines have become increasingly popular for self medication in the treatment of minor medical conditions. Herbal treatments come in may forms such as healing ointments, creams, salves, balms, oils and tinctures. 

A herbal remedy is usually a traditional time proven, holistic and natural method of treating various illnesses and health conditions using extracts of plants, trees and other natural ingredients. With a long term proven record of effectiveness, herbal remedies are still very popular today and are available to anyone who chooses to use them. These wonderful holistic remedies work by due to the inherent properties of plants to boost and augment your own body’s healing process. Their application is varied and can vary from soothing and relaxing the body, calming inflammation,  to boosting your immune system, improving digestion, relieving skin conditions, giving relief to aches and pains and providing general overall wellness. Nevertheless, it should be noted that herbal remedies should always be used carefully and, if taking internally, under the guidance of a healthcare professional. This is especially important if you are already taking prescribed medications or have any pre existing medical conditions.

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