L-Glutamine Amino Acid Powder 100g

Amino acid necessary for growth, body development, brain function, muscle and bone growth, body repair and maintenance


A purified source of L-Glutamine amino acid, the most common amino acid (protein building block) in the human body and supports your digestive and immune systems.

Produced naturally in the body but also found in a variety of foods, L-Glutamine is made from 3 other amino acids, arginine, ornithine and proline. L-Glutamine is a also a component of glutathione, the body’s primary antioxidant, which is present in virtually every cell. If you are deficient in L-Glutamine then you are also likely to be deficient in glutathione.

L-Glutamine is;
Essential for normal growth, body development and muscle growth: Naturally boosts the human growth hormone, which is essential for normal growth and development. Growth hormone releasing agents, such as glutamine, offer some of the positive effects of growth hormone minus the expense and the array of side effects of synthetic growth hormones. Particularly important for people who are severely ill or with a wasting syndrome. Glutamine is often given to patients with burn injuries to promote healing and strengthen immune function.

A protein sparing agent: People who regularly work out at an intense level are at risk of overtaxing their bodies, as well as losing lean tissue along with fat. L-Glutamine helps in allowing you to lose fat while maintaining muscle and has become popular with athletes, sports people and those who want to maintain a healthy fitness regime.

One of the 20 amino acids (building blocks of protein) and is a vital molecule the body stores in the bloodstream to convert to glucose (blood sugar) when needed.

Necessary for body repair and maintenance functions: such as wound healing, muscle and bone growth, digestive health and gut wall integrity.

This is a pure amino acid powder and is popular with those suffering from various forms of digestive and intestinal problems (such as leaky gut syndrome and food intolerances and allergies) and weakened immune systems. Also used by athletes following grueling training routines (it breaks down uric acid from proteins) and those recuperating from illness, following surgery or any time the body is placed under unusual strain.

Why buy our Digestive Reset?

  • 60 easy to swallow capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Beneficial for athletes and sports people
  • Supports digestive and immune systems
  • Maintains muscle health and mass
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Letterbox friendly bottle,
  • Manufactured in the UK.

L-Glutamine is the natural form of the amino acid glutamine and;
– is critical for normal brain and immune function
– has been used for the treatment of fatigue and alcoholism
– reputed to help reduce sugar cravings in people trying to lose weight

Usage & Ingredients

Take 5g (1tsp) to 15g (3tsp) per day or as required or advised by a practitioner.


L glutamine supplement

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