Digestive Cleanse Support 100 capsules

Promotes normal bowel function by gently cleansing, detoxifying and revitalising your digestive system.


Digestive Cleanse is a powerful, yet gentle, magnesium based hydrating formula to promote normal bowel function. Scientifically designed with natural ingredients to contribute to an increase in faecal bulk and support healthy bowel functioning.

The main ingredient, Sugar beet fibre, contributes to an increase in faecal bulk in two ways:

  1. the insoluble fibre components increase the absorption of water in the large intestine while
  2. the soluble components are fermented by bacteria in the large intestine  causing an increase in bacterial mass for better digestion and immune function.

It contains ingredients designed to support the bowel hydrating actions of the magnesium, as well as digestive regularity.

Why buy our Digestive Cleanse Support?

  • 100 easy to swallow capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • With sugar beet for an increase in faecal bulk
  • Magnesium for electrolyte balance and muscle fubnction
  • protects against internal parasites, worms & other harmful micro organisms
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Letterbox friendly bottle
  • Manufactured in the UK.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

  • Sugar beet fibre contributes to an increase in faecal bulk (see above)
  • Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, benefits electrolyte balance, increases energy, contributes towards normal functioning of the nervous system, normal muscle function, normal protein synthesis, normal psychological function, the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and plays an important role in the normal cell division.
  • Vitamin C helps maintain the normal immune system functioning during and after intense physical exercise (with an added daily intake of 200mg in addition to the recommended daily intake of vitamin C). It benefits collagen production for strong blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth, promotes production of energy, allow for the normal functioning of the nervous system, normal psychological function, protection of cells from oxidative stress, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E and increases iron absorption.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a gentle yet powerful digestive and bowel cleansing aid, as well as helping raise natural acidity levels (in
    conjunction with the vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids). It also has a powerful detoxifying and purifying action, which can break down mucus within the body to improve the health and function of vital organs, such as the kidneys, bladder and liver. Prevents excessively alkaline urine and promotes digestion, assimilation and elimination, all the while neutralising toxins and certain harmful bacteria in the bowel.
  • Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are prebiotics (non digestible carbohydrates or sugars that occur naturally in plants). As a source of dietary fibre, FOS helps to optimise gut movement, giving bulk to the stool and balancing your gut PH. FOS is known to help suppress the production of intestinal toxic substances. All inulin type prebiotics, including FOS, stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria (especially Bifidobacteria) to enhance digestion, increase nutrient absorption,  support the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body and protect against harmful bacteria and micro organisms.
  • Vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids provide a ‘coating’ allowing the Digestive Cleanse Support Capsule to reach the stomach intact. As the capsule enters the intestine, they start to break down the magnesium compound, allowing the magnesium to hydrate without causing bloating, cramping or that unpleasant sense of urgency.
  • Bioflavonoids are natural substances found in plants, fruit, vegetables, nuts, bark and buckwheat and help to protect blood capillaries, prevent bruising and also intensify the effect of vitamin C in the body. Bioflavonoids are essential for total vitamin C
    effectiveness. They also have natural anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti allergy properties and are beneficial in fighting
    infections and protecting against free radical damage, viruses, and colds.
  • Citric acid and ascorbic acid help to activate the benefits of the magnesium.

Digestive Cleanse Support is a natural approach in supporting your long term bowel health and ideal as a periodic cleanse and detox programme.

Usage & Ingredients

Take 2 capsules (1 serving) on an empty stomach, 1 to 3 times per day. Adjust intake to suit your requirements or as advised. Follow with a glass of grapefruit juice, orange juice or freshly-squeezed lemon juice in water (or just water).


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