Ionic Electrolytes Liquid Concentrate 50ml


Ionic electrolyte concentrated mineral drops provide your daily essential minerals in a form that quickly and easily absorbed by your body. Their liquid form makes them easily digestible and fully bioavailable to the body as they can be absorbed quickly without being digested, allowing you to reap their benefits without delay.

These specially formulated electrolyte drops typically contain a mixture of essential trace minerals in ionic form, which means they are in an ideally charged state ideal  readily taken up by your body’s cells.

Ionic electrolyte mineral drops can help support optimal hydration, healthy muscle function and overall health and wellbeing. They are also ideal to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat during exercise, particularly in athletes and individuals engaged in strenuous physical activity.

Our naturally occurring ionic minerals are designed to restore minerals at the cellular level.

When added to water, these ionic liquid concentrates made from 100% naturally occurring minerals from the earth, help bring about a state of mineral equilibrium or optimal tissue mineral balance within your body.

Using them is as simple as adding a few drops to a glass of water.

Ingredients: De ionized water, sea water, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, chromic chloride.
  • Contains no artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers
  • Free from gluten, petrochemicals, mineral oils, palm oils
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Cruelty free – not tested on animals
  • Made in the UK

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